Au Rendez-vous de la Marine

au rendez vous de la marine paris restaurant




Maybe it is the romantic in me but I am a sucker for a relaxed friendly restaurant with red and white checkered napery and a cosy atmosphere with good wholesome food.

Au Rendez-vous de la Marine ticks all of those boxes.

This unpretentious little gem, tucked away from the usual tourist circuit on the Quai de la Loire and just a stones throw away from the water’s edge of the Bassin de la Villette is a great little find.

bassin de la villette paris
Bassin de la Villette by Day
basin de la villette paris at night reflections
Bassin de la Villette at Night

If you fancy the idea of taking a leisurely stroll along the canal, whether it be by day or night combined with a lunch or dinner at Au Rendez-vous de la Marine, this might just be the ticket.

paris restaurant bassin de la villette au rendez vous de la marine
paris restaurant bassin de la villette au rendez vous de la marine


Pulling back the heavy brown velvet drapes,

what you will find inside is warm ocre walls, embellished with framed black and white photos of old movie stars, timber furniture, red and white table cloths with sturdy checkered napkins, a black board menu announcing the keenly priced specials of the day and a warm, jovial welcome!

If your French isn’t too good, don’t be concerned.

You will muddle through and they will do their best to accommodate you in a warm and friendly manner, with good old fashioned service.

Don’t be surprised if the proprietor sits beside you as he takes your order. Yes, it is that relaxed and friendly.

paris food duck au rendez vous de la marine paris


The food is simple, traditional French fare with extremely hearty servings.


My friend and I started with huge slabs of pâté to share, trimmed with cornichons, onions, a delicious chutney and enough bread to keep the Parisian bakers in business, which already found me full.

You can imagine my surprise when my plate of duck resembled a platter large enough for a small family complete with delicious green beans, perfectly roasted potatoes and salad.

I warned you, I did say hearty servings. If you order duck expect almost a whole duck!   I think the photo speaks for itself.

paris restaurant 19th arrondissement



The loyal and local clientele, quietly tuck away at their enormous meals while the waiter playfully sings along to the music as he refreshes your bread basket.

There is a certain kind of quaint, rustic charm about Au Rendez-vous de la Marine that wouldn’t be out of place in country France.

For entrée, there is a selection of hot and cold foods.

Smoked salmon, ham and melon, duck foie gras, snails and for mains you have a selection of salads, grilled lamb with herbs, veal flamed in calvados with a Normandy style sauce, steak with mushrooms and the very large fillet of duck, complete with hot vegetables and salads.


The average price for entrées is around 9.00 euros and the mains 15.00 euros. The wine is around 5.00 euros a glass or 10.00 euros for a 500ml carafe, with the usual practice, that all taxes and service is included.


Situated not far from Stalingrad métro there is plenty to discover in this district of the 19th arrondissement.

Rotonde de la Villette
Bassin de la Villette - Boules

Only a short 15 minute métro ride out of the centre of Paris will have you strolling along the canal and discovering what the area has to offer.

You may find groups of older men, sitting around engaging in conversation, families picnicking by the water, lovers kissing, children fishing, the odd game of boules, movie goers deciding which movie to watch and laughter rising up out of the surrounding cafes.

One thing is for certain, you will feel satisfied with a full tummy after a meal at Au Rendez-vous de la Marine.

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Paris Adèle’s Information Necessaire :

au rendezvous de la marine paris restaurant


Au Rendez-vous de la Marine – official website 
14 Quai de la Loire
75019 Paris
Menu in French
Drinks in French
Nearest Métro:  
Jaurès 140 metres – MAP or Stalingrad 400 metres – MAP
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
12pm – 2pm & 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Learn more about the surrounding area:

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