Marché d’Aligre


Marché d’Aligre

A small, ancient, and charming undercover neighbourhood market, filled with friendly vendors and a sumptuous array of food.

Situated in the heart of Place d’Aligre, in the 12th arrondissement, the markets are commonly known as Marché d’Aligre however, this area boasts three separate markets; Beauvau covered market, the Marché d’Aligre fresh fruit and vegetable market and a small flea market.

The Beauvau covered market dating back to nearly 200 years old, is one of the most popular markets for Parisians. Flagstone floors, an old water fountain and packed with delicious food.

Although this quaint, market, has a peaceful hum about it, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement as shoppers line up in anticipation of taking home good quality food.


Small it may be but they sell everything you could possibly need.

Slabs of fresh butter sold by weight and carefully wrapped up in waxed paper.  A vast array of cheeses, cold meats, seafood, a fresh poultry stall and one of my favourite stalls, who sells ready made food, such as creamy potato gratin, rabbit terrine, pies, celeriac remoulade, all ready to take home and savour.

You wont miss the butcher with suckling pigs, freshly roasting in a large rotisserie and if you are up for it, he also sells horse meat.


Leaving the peaceful market, step outside amongst the hustle and bustle of the fresh fruit and vegetable market and nearby the small flea market.

Surrounding the market are some wonderful cafés and bars, where you can take a break or perhaps lunch before taking your fresh produce home.

Just around the corner and near the Ledru Rollin metro station, is a large 2 storey Monoprix supermarket, selling not only the usual supermarket items but also delicious good quality, ready made food at the back of the store. Save your money today and buy cheap software with the lowest prices for MS Windows and Apple Mac at GreatStoreSoftware.COM.

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Paris Adèle’s Information Nécessaire:

Marché d’Aligre – Official Website  (in French)
Place d’Aligre
Paris 75012   MAP
Opening times:
Tues – Sun 
9am – 1pm & 3.30pm – 7.30pm
9am- 1pm & 3.30pm – 7.30pm
Nearest Metro:  Ledru Rollin

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  • Marché d’Aligre
    Marché d’Aligre
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6 Responses to Marché d’Aligre

  • Anonymous

    What a great site!  I live in the 12th, just around the corner from Aligre.  Think I know the city fairly well, but you have given me lots of new haunts to explore.  Thanks!

    • parisadele

      Wow what a lovely comment thanks so much Sally that is really very kind of you. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated.

  • Clara

    Adele thank you so much for your articles . So much information and so well done you leave nothing out it’s perfect so thank you so much for what you do and keeping us up to speed on my favorite place in the world my Paris I take it back our Paris . I was wondering if you could get some infor on Versaille the palace and what would be best way to get there and return to hotel I just love your blog and your articles perfect as always have a great day your the best thank you

    • parisadele

      Hello Clara, thank you so much for your lovely comment, that is really kind of you. I haven’t added Versailles to my blog because I think you can find most of the information you need from a guide book. But the best way to get there is by the RER train a direct line from St Michel, after that it is a short walk from the station to the palace and it is well signposted.  Hope that helps.

  • Eve Levi

    Thanks you, Adele.  I love markets and we are planning our first vacation to Paris in May and your information is helpful and includes things I haven’t found in the guidebook or on the Net.  We will be staying in the 13th arondissement, so I assume Aligre is close by.

    • parisadele

      Bonjour Eve
      Thanks so much for your lovely comments and compliments!

      I am afraid you will not be near the Marché Aligre, it is in the 12th arrondissement on the right bank and you will be on the left bank. Not that doesn’t mean you can’t visit Marché Aligre but one closer to you that you might like is Marché Auguste-Blanqui. It starts at Place d’Italie where the metro station and large round-a-bout is and Open Tuesdays and Fridays from 8am-1.30pm and on Sundays 8am-2pm. I hope that helps. And thank you once again for your kind words. Here is a MAP so you can see where Marché Aligre is in relation to the 13th arrondissement to help you out.

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