Stepping Out in Paris


With no pain killers and all the pharmacies closed on New Years Day had me confined in the apartment all day.

Perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing to finally get some rest and sleep.

However, today had me feeling quite proud of myself.

Not only did I step out today but I managed to tell the very patient Pharmacist, that I broke my toe – yes, I know this word now.  Cassé – broken.

And that I was taking these drugs, as I showed her the packet and afterwards I was sick and I couldn’t breath.  Arrêt she says, yes I have stopped.  When she asks, hier soir, last night, I tell her.  That wasn’t too hard.


She handed me a pack of Panadol and said in English; take 2 four times a day.  ha ha! I apologised for my bad French and she said that it was ok,  she understood, so there you go!

A hot chocolate and I was on my way for a short stroll.

The people you see in the photo above are queuing in Rue des Rosiers, this is the line up for a fallafel!  See the green sign in the distance, that is L’As du Fallafel, the queue goes all the way up to there.  It is crazy.  


I was heading to a place where there shouldn’t be any crowds.

Negotiating the cobbled streets and uneven narrow footpaths was challenging at times and very painful.  I walked at escargot pace and it took me almost an hour to get there, but it was worth it.

I stopped by Passage de l’Ancre the other day before I broke my toe but it was closed. As I neared the wonky blue doorway, my heart sank.

Have I walked all this way to discover it closed again?


A small cut out door was open, phew.

That may have been a confidence crushing outcome, otherwise.





Stepping through the blue door, a little rush of excitement ran through my body.

I love that moment, planned or not, feeling slightly like an intruder, although I know that the passageway is not only used as a thoroughfare by those in the know, but it is also open for business.

However, I still can’t help that slight feeling of trespassing. 

A couple stood on the street, observing me taking photos for a while before they took the plunge and stepped through the small doorway, at first looking a little anxious but afterwards, wearing broad smiles at their discovery.


I was taking photos again and I felt back in business.  It doesn’t hurt to walk very slowly and stand still.  

This was good!  Hallelujah!

Have wonder shoe, can travel!

Oh yes, this is very good, just how I imagined it would be, even better.

Pretty as a painting, quiet as a mouse.

A man patiently waited until I realised I was photographing the door to his apartment.  A quick peak inside as he nipped through the door.

Could you image living here, how wonderful it would be to look out your window onto this charming passage.






Unfortunately, Peps, the umbrella repair store was closed.

Not that I was in need of an umbrella repair, but it would have been nice to have had a poke around. 



Feeling inspired and a little brave, I thought I might continue on but to where, I wasn’t sure.

Keeping in mind what Julien had warned me, remember you have to get back.

I took a short stroll and before I knew it I was in front of Arts et Metiers museum.

Oh look at that why not.  It will be warm and smooth flooring to walk upon.

I had put off going to this museum for such a long time, sometimes I get lazy.

On I went, the queue consisted of three people.

The museum of Arts et Metiers is dedicated to the history and progress of technology and science.


Fascinating stuff, to see how measurements first started out, weights, volume, or clock internals and flying machines.































I stepped out in Paris today.  Perhaps I walked a little too far but being in the warmth of the museum, with smooth even surfaces made it easier to walk and the seating dotted around, gave me an opportunity to rest when it got too much.

My friend Bouba’s wife and I had planned to have dinner somewhere new and exciting, when she arrived back in Paris from her Christmas break but being too far away from the apartment was not a great idea.

We decided to meet up at Petit fer a Cheval.  I didn’t have the time to walk back and get ready and made it only minutes before she arrived.

It was lovely and comforting to see her smiling face and it didn’t really matter where we ate, as long as we could catch up.


She invited me to put my now very swollen foot, up under the table beside her, on her chair, which eased the throbbing and allowed us to have a nice evening.


Walking me home to ensure I got up the stairs to my apartment safely, I felt lucky that I have people around me who care.

Apart from having dinner with my friend, it was not my ideal way to spend an entire day in Paris but I did step out, well let’s call it hobbling out in Paris and to end the day with a nice friend was the bonus!


4 Responses to Stepping Out in Paris

  • http://superchrissy11

    Passage l’ancre looks so pretty… What a great find

    • http://parisadele

      Hi superchrissy11 – it was as sweet as a button, add it to your list. Nice pretty and short visit and a gentle way to begin my ventures outside again 🙂

  • http://Robert

    Congrats on getting around so well! What a charming little passageway you discovered.

    • http://parisadele

      Thanks Robert, I am slowly working it out!

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