Free Wi-Fi In Paris

There are more than 250 free wi-fi hot spots in Paris, supplied by the city. These include parks, libraries and town halls.

Wi-fi gratuit pour tous !

You simply need to look out for the symbol above.

Of course hanging out in parks and libraries is not always convenient but if this is your only option, the details are below.

However, if you would prefer constant connectivity, please take a look at my findings on  Using Your Mobile Phone in Paris and Unlimited Data in Paris


pronounced wee – fee.  Can also be found in many cafés, bars, restaurants, museums and department stores around Paris.  In a café, generally you need to ask if they have wee – fee and they will give you a code.  Listed below are some places you may like to use.

But firstly, here is how to use the free city service.

Look out for this logo

Wi-fi gratuit pour tous !

Follow the steps below

  1. Select the Orange (the telecommunications network) on your device
  2. Go to a browser and select any network address
  3. This will automatically take you to the access portal
  4. When you are on the service homepage, click  SELECT YOUR PASS
  5. Complete the form, accept the general terms of use for the service by ticking the box and log on
  6. The home page of the Paris Wi-Fi access portal will reload
  7. An internet confirmation message will appear and show how much connection time you have left.
  8. Each session lasts for 2 hours
  9. Once this has expired you can reconnect again by repeating the connection process.

Now you can use free internet for two hours!

Some places where you can find the free city wi-fi

Right Bank

  • Foyer of the Pompidou Centre  MAP
  • McDonald’s Louvre-Rivoli: 184 rue de Rivoli, Métro Louvre Rivoli, Pyramides  MAP
  • Square Jean XXIII – the park behind the Notre Dame  MAP
  • Square du Temple: 64 rue de Bretagne, Metro Temple  MAP
  • Square Louis XIII- Place des Vosges: Place des Vosges, Metro Saint-Paul  MAP
  • McDonald’s Opera: 34 boulevard des Italiens, Metro Opera  MAP
  • McDonald’s Bonne Nouvelle: 2 boulevard Poissonnière, Metro Bonne Nouvelle  MAP
  • McDonald’s Grands Boulevards: 20 boulevard Montmartre, Métro Richelieu Drouot  MAP

Left Bank

  • Le Contrescarpe: 57, rue Lacépède, Metro Place Monge  MAP
  • L’Autre Bistrot: 22, rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris, Metro Maubert Mutualité  MAP
  • McDonald’s St-Germain: 98 boulevard Saint Germain, Métro Cluny La Sorbonne  MAP
  • Square des Arènes de Lutèce: 51 rue Monge, Metro Place Monge  MAP
  • McDonald’s Luxembourg: 65 boulevard Saint Michel, Métro (RER) Luxembourg  MAP

Near the Eiffel Tower

  • Parc du Champ de Mars (near Eiffel Tower: 2 allée Adrienne Lecouvreur, Metro Ecole Militaire  MAP
  • Jardin Catherine Laboure: 33 rue de Babylone, Metro Francois Xavier  MAP

Just remember to look out for the logo

Wi-fi gratuit pour tous !

More places to find free wi-fi:

Quite a lot of a cafés offer free wi-fi, you normally just need to ask for a code but here are a few others places

  • Pompidou Centre Foyer – free to enter

  • Fondation Louis Vuitton – admission charge

  • Starbucks Cafés

  • McDonalds

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport

You may find this cheap app useful, it works without internet connection and lists cafés with free wi-fi.

If fumbling around with free wi-fi is not your thing and you would rather enjoy the freedom of inexpensive paid plans, take a look at my posts on Using Your Mobile Phone in Paris and Unlimited Data in Paris

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  • Free Wi-Fi In Paris
    Free Wi-Fi In Paris
    There are more than 250 free wi-fi hot spots in Paris supplied by the city. These include parks, libraries and town halls, not always convenient but possible.

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