Ben L’Oncle Soul

Ben L’Once Soul


A groovy French hipster full of soul





This groovy hipster hit the charts running.  Released in 2010, by Motown, he was all that Europe was talking about.

Born in France with a gospel background, the mix of songs on the album are 50% French and 50% English, melodic and soulful.

He is cool, he is smooth and he is funky.  He is the uncle of soul, well that is how his name translates.


As luck would have it, a couple of days after I arrived in Paris in 2011, he was playing at the Zenith, and I jumped at the chance to buy a ticket.

I wasn’t quite sure how his music would translate into a concert and I was interested to find out.

Wow!  I arrived early and so glad I did, otherwise I would have found myself standing.  The Zenith stadium in Paris can hold over 6,000 people and my reckoning was, it was at full capacity.

The show was amazing, he was amazing backed by a couple of guys wearing short pants and braces, bopping to an energetic dance routine and a fantastic band, they brought the house down and the place was pumping.

Upon returning to Australia, I couldn’t escape it.  Everytime I turned on the radio or walked into a store, Ben L’Oncle Soul was the music of everyone’s choice.

Easy to listen to with a happy, boppy beat, this is great music to put you in a good mood.

My only complaint would be that there is no new album to date.

The Details

BenL’Oncle Soul
Label: Motown France
Ben’s  Funky Official Website
You can read about my night at the Zenith below
Ben l’Oncle Soul at Le Zenith

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    Ben L’Oncle Soul
    He is cool, he is smooth and he is funky. He is the uncle of soul, well that is how his name translates.
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