Lunch and Shopping in Paris


What else can I say, lunch and shopping in Paris, every girl’s dream.  The mere anticipation builds excitement and joy and puts a sparkle on your face and a spring in your step.

Chicky Babe wanted to purchase some new French rags today and I needed to replace my damaged glasses, so what is a girl to do but go shopping.

Whether it be a homewares store, a fashion boutique, a patisserie or even a stationery shop, the Parisians know the art of seduction.  Expertly designed colourful, window displays pull you in, there is no escaping.









Taking a slightly longer but scenic route through the Left Bank of Paris, I discovered The Pantheon is under major renovations and looks like it will be covered in scaffolding for years to come.








Over the past few years Paris has been monitoring it’s deterioration and now with this knowledge under their belt they have launched into the first step of repairing the magnificent dome.  Nineteen million euros is the estimated cost, just for this first step alone.  The scaffolding surrounding it is quite amazing in itself.

Slipping around the corner, to Place Sainte-Geneviève, I took a few happy snaps of where Woody Allen filmed the famous scene in his movie Midnight in Paris on the steps of Saint Etienne du Mont, and we continued on in the general direction of my favourite spectacle shop in Paris.









When girls are shopping there are always going to be detours along the way.








Sustenance is also needed.  We managed to get the last table available during the busy lunch time rush at Cafe Cassette and tucked into a wonderful hearty lunch.  Chicky Babe opting for the deliciously tender lamb shank and lentils, yes of course I had to taste test her lunch, for blogging purposes of course!




I decided on the rabbit with white and black rice laced in truffle oil.

Wonderfully washed down with Rosé from Provence, the delicate pink wine has become my lunch time drink of choice.




Making vital, expensive decisions as to what frame would suit my face best, is probably not a good idea after the delicate pink drinks and I am sure that is why the credit card is now groaning under the weight of not one but two pairs of glasses, the sunglasses were so amazingly fantastic and funky that I couldn’t resist.

It was a planned day of shopping after all.

At least my credit card didn’t cop as much damage as Chicky Babe’s but she is going to be the best dressed woman in Sydney when she returns.

Resembling something straight out of a French Vogue magazine, a Chanel style jacket, a dead sexy black dress, the obligatory cashmere cardigan from the Lafayette collection, complete with new French handmade glasses from my favourite shop, she is set to face the world!

Me, I have nothing.  Well I did buy a vintage fur hat and I am waiting for my new spectacles and sunglasses to be fitted with corrective lenses but I came home empty handed, except for a fur hat that is too hot to wear in this balmy spring like weather.

All is not lost, I am being remarkably controlled, I only have 3 days to wait for the sales!

Then watch me in action!

Chicky Babe’s purchases from Sandro
Lafayette Collection Cashmere Cardigan from BHV
Cafe Cassette official link
73 Rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris


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    Wonderful entry! R&M

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      thank you R & M glad you enjoyed it and hope you gleaned a few tips – thanks for leaving a comment

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