Au Revoir Chicky Babe


I guess au revoir can mean goodbye but literally it means to re-see you again.

Parisians don’t normally eat until around 7.30 – 8pm but we decided to have an early dinner and an early night, Chicky Babe was leaving Paris tomorrow and I had a walk planned for 10am.


Sitting in a tiny and terribly cute quiet restaurant surrounded by the hushed tones of French diners, for Chicky Babe’s last night in Paris, I promised myself that I wouldn’t share this secret.

You can call it selfish or mysterious.

Nope I am certain, I confessed adamantly to Chicky Babe, I was definitely not going to share or blog about this wonderful little gem of a place, tucked away in a unassuming street, for fear of bringing in too many tourists and destroying the tranquil atmosphere.

However, considering how many people may actually stumble across my blog, I decided it probably won’t have too much impact, so I think it is safe to share my secret.

It is way too good to keep all to myself.

Les Temps des Cerises, is located in an ancient small two storey house, dating back to the 1830’s, with a charming façade decorated with mosaics giving it a warm, welcoming tone.



The moment we walked into the quiet, cosy surrounds, with mosaic flooring, and an ancient zinc bar, that manages to squeeze in a mere 14 tables and presented with a very warm bonsoir, we knew we had made the right decision for Chicky Babe’s send off.



Sipping on a pastis and dipping the complimentary radishes into the small glass of salt provided, I marvelled at my discovery.

Having someone to dine with has been fun, I am not sure if I would have felt comfortable sitting on my own, in the very intimate surroundings, looking like the loser lonely person.

Although it is sad to see Chicky Babe go and nice to have someone to go to restaurants with, I have come to the conclusion that Paris fits me better on my own.

My friend wasn’t offended by this revelation, she actually understood it.

Once she got her bearings, she too was discovering ‘her’ Paris.



Having no agenda and being open to discover how the day unfolds is what I find exciting about Paris, plans are sometimes loosely in place but I can never resist sneaking into the secret courtyard that has been accidentally left open, or tagging along with new found friends to a late night bar. Paris is always full of surprises and tonight was no different.

My favourite bar has now become Chicky Babe’s too and she wanted to have a celebratory glass of champagne, French of course and say goodbye to my mates and an early night, as planned.

Taking a scenic route along the river and weaving through the streets of the Marais, admiring Paris’ night time beauty, stumbling across a jazz bar in a ‘cave’ with free entry, stopped us in our tracks.

With no words, raised eyebrows and a very French shrug of the shoulders …. shall we, was all that was needed and we found ourselves descending the many stairs to a tiny cellar, to discover a cosy space, with a mostly young crowd, engrossed by the jammers pumping out some cool jazz.



Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the 40 or so people who were packed into the tiny, 12th century, stoned walled cave, I thought to myself; resisting these special surprises would be a crying shame, especially when I learned later, that free entry is only available on Monday nights.



Did we still end up at my favourite bar?  Of course, it was planned!

Standing on the street corner, saying our final goodbyes, it was sad to see Chicky Babe go but this was not goodbye – just, au revoir.

Disappearing around the corner and walking the streets of Paris, back to my apartment, I took in a deep breath and wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Drum roll … my secret restaurant revealed:
Le Temps des Cerises
31 rue de la Cerisaie
Paris  75004
Tel: 01 42 72 08 63
Nearest Metro: Saint Paul
Open daily 8am – 2am
Mains around 16 euros
I recommend you book or get there early for dinner ie: 7pm
Jazz Bar
Cave du 38 Riv
38 Rue de Rivoli
Paris, 75004
Nearest Metro: Hotel de Ville
Official website in English

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